Don’t Get Stuck Without Power

Don’t Get Stuck Without Power

Rely on us for generator installation in North Scituate, RI

Your generator runs constantly to ensure that your home always has power. But what happens if it fails? If you don’t have a backup power generator, you’ll be without electricity until you can get it fixed. If you’re stuck in a storm, that could take days. A and J Electric, Inc can handle your primary or backup generator installation with ease. We’ll make sure your home in the North Scituate, RI area has a proper power source, no matter what storms blow your way.

Reach out to A and J Electric today to ask about the benefits of owning a backup power generator. We offer free installation estimates to every client.

We’ll take care of the whole installation process

A and J Electric can handle every part of your generator installation, so you don’t have to go to anyone else to finish the job. Count on us to:

  • Find the ideal place for your generator
  • Choose the right generator for the size of your home
  • Connect all of your plumbing features properly
  • Test your system to make sure it works

To install a primary or backup power generator in your home, call 401-862-5255 now. We’ll come to your home in the North Scituate, RI area at your convenience.