Stop Your Flickering Lights For Good

Stop Your Flickering Lights For Good

We perform electrical upgrades in the North Scituate, RI area

Your electrical service panel is responsible for controlling the flow of electricity throughout your whole home. If it breaks down, you’ll lose power right away. To reduce the chances of having electrical issues in the future, consider getting an electrical panel upgrade. An upgrade is an especially good idea if you live in an older home. A and J Electric, Inc can inspect your panel and recommend the right upgrade for your home.

Contact A and J Electric now to learn more about electrical upgrades. We can visit your home in North Scituate, RI to inspect your electrical service panel right away.

Get a new electrical panel in just one day

A and J Electric has over 15 years of experience performing electrical upgrades in the North Scituate, RI area. We can handle a variety of upgrades, including:

  • Exchanging old fuses for modern circuits
  • Rewiring 100-amp service panels to 200-amp models
  • Adjusting a low-voltage panel to a higher one

To get started on your electrical panel upgrade, call 401-862-5255 now. You can schedule an appointment with us at your convenience.